Dental Crowns Lake Leelanau, MI

A dental crown (also called a “tooth cap” by our patients) is used to restore a tooth to its natural strength and appearance.

You may be a candidate for a dental crown if your tooth was made fragile by a large cavity, fracture, root canal therapy, or repeated dental procedures.

A front tooth crown can also be used to cover discoloration.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown covers and protects the tooth by sealing out plaque and bacteria. We use dental crowns made of porcelain because they match the color of natural tooth enamel. We have several different shades of porcelain in our office and are able to customize your crown so it matches the rest of your smile. Instead, your porcelain crown will look and feel natural for years to come.

Candidates For Dental Crowns

Ask your same day dentist if you're a candidate for a CEREC crown. Unlike traditional crowns, CEREC crowns are made right in our office and can be placed in one appointment. This means that you don't have to deal with the hassle of a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent one to be made in an off-site lab. Instead, you'll be able to restore your tooth to its natural strength and appearance in one appointment.

Ask our holistic dentists if a tooth crown can be used to restore your smile. If your tooth is strong enough where a full coverage crown is not needed, we can provide an alternative treatment such as a dental inlay or onlay. To schedule your appointment with one of our Lake Leelanau dentists, call (231) 256-9142.