Amalgam Tooth Filling Removal in Lake Leelanau, MI

At Lisa Siddall, DDS, we take the health of our patients seriously. That's why at our holistic dentistry practice, Dr. Siddall and Dr. Dunn offer amalgam tooth filling removal for your optimal wellness. Traditional amalgam (silver) fillings are known to contain mercury – a toxic material that, in some patients, produces unwanted medical side effects. Our holistic Lake Leelanau dental office is completely mercury free. We also provide safe, approved methods for mercury tooth filling removal.

Removal of Mercury Fillings from Your Teeth

Image of a natural smoothie drink on a table. Although any dentist can remove your mercury filling and replace it with a white restoration, very few dentists take the necessary precautions to prevent mercury from entering your body or the environment during the removal process. Mercury vapors are released during the filling removal procedure, so additional steps must be taken to protect the health of our team and our patients.

The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has established set guidelines that make mercury filling removal safe and effective.

These techniques involve the use of:

  • Rubber Dam Barriers
  • Advanced Filtration Devices
  • A Self Contained Oxygen Supply
  • Specialized Vacuum Equipment

Without the use of these advanced methods, mercury particles could enter into your airway, bloodstream, body, and the surrounding environment during the removal process.

Questions About Amalgam Tooth Filling?

Do you have old silver fillings that need to be removed? Want to learn more about how mercury fillings could impact your health? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Siddall or Dr. Dunn at our Lake Leelanau dental practice today!

At Lisa Siddall, DDS, we often recommend a dental crown to patients whose teeth don’t have enough healthy enamel to support a filling or to top off a dental implant.

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