Dentistry with no shots, no x-rays and no drill!

New advances in technology are making these dreams a reality. The STA “wand” computer controlled dental anesthetic delivery system allows for comfortable single tooth numbing that lasts for about an hour instead of the usual 2-4 hours. No more drooling or lip chewing for children and best of all, no painful shot.

Our new CariVu system uses a patented transillumination camera to find cavities in teeth and is ideal for children. The process is much more comfortable than x-rays and uses zero radiation.

For many procedures a laser can be used to prepare teeth instead of a traditional drill. We use the WATERLASE system to provide quiet, comfortable care.

We were one of the pioneers in CAD CAM digital dentistry and have been using it since 2000. We have milled and placed more than 8,000 porcelain restorations. We custom shade match every case and are able to restore almost any tooth including implants in one appointment. No more gooey, gaggy impressions either!

We are also a leader in diagnosing and treating occlusion related disease such as bruxism, TMJ disorders and sleep apnea. We utilize the highly accurate computerized bite analysis TEKSCAN system to analyze your bite and treat occlusal disorders.

We practice holistic dentistry which involves taking a whole body approach and recognizing that all systems are connected. We look for the cause of problems rather than just treating the symptoms. We safely remove mercury silver fillings using tested IAOMT methods and use only nontoxic biocompatible materials such as Bis GMA free resins and metal-free porcelain.

Our patients come from all over the state and country to experience quality patient driven care. Why not join them and experience the difference personalized care can make.

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