Geriatric Dental Care Dentist Lake Leelanau, MI

Looking for elderly dental care?

Our holistic dentists understand how your oral health needs change as you age and have experience helping patients with dry mouth, missing teeth, periodontal disease, and other issues common in mature adults.

We provide geriatric dentistry to better serve our patients that are 60 years of age or older. If you require Geriatric Denta Care, contact us today!

Geriatric Dental Care Dentist

As we get older, we lose some of the manual dexterity we once had to brush and floss teeth. Fortunately, we’re experienced in providing senior dental care to those who need it most. During your next appointment, your holistic dentist will advise you of how you can better protect your oral health at home and reinforce the importance of preventive care.

Benefits of Geriatric Dental Care

More than 500 medications have dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth is more than just uncomfortable--it also increases your risk for cavities. Our dentists for seniors take a detailed medical history (including a list of your current medications) so they can help you maintain a healthy smile.

Our dentists for seniors provide elderly dental care so patients can maintain healthy smiles and enjoy a better quality of life. To schedule your appointment with one of our Lake Leelanau dentists, call (231) 256-9142.