Oral Pathology Dentist Lake Leelanau, MI

If we detect a problem with your jaws or gum tissue, we may recommend dental surgery.

While dental surgery is a last resort, it can also be just what you need to protect your smile.

Our Lake Leelanau dentists are highly skilled and educated in oral pathology and treatments. Read more below to see how our dentists can help boost your overall dental health. Continue reading to learn more about oral pathology!

Benefits Of Oral Pathology

Corrective Jaw Surgery

You may be a candidate for corrective jaw surgery if you have a protruding chin, crooked teeth, or buck teeth. During your consultation, your dentist will be able to determine if jaw surgery would create the best outcome for your smile and oral health.

It's not uncommon for jaws to grow at different rates, causing misalignment or a protruding chin. A misaligned jaw not only affects your appearance, but your oral health. For example, your dentist might recommend corrective jaw surgery if a misaligned jaw was causing issues with speech and chewing. Jaw surgery moves the jaws into optimal alignment.

After jaw surgery, you may need orthodontic appliances to keep your jaws in proper alignment. In some cases, tiny wires or small rubber bands may be needed to keep the jaws in place and promote faster healing. In other cases, small "fixation" screws or plates may need to be inserted in the jaws to facilitate easy movement of the jaws following surgery.

Denture Fatigue

While dentures are great for people with missing teeth, they can wear on the gums and underlying bone. Fortunately, our dentists can help you explore several options for dental surgery. If you have significant gum and bone loss, we may recommend a bone graft, gum surgery, or even jaw realignment.

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