A Note from Shelly (Dental Assistant)

This spring I will have been a dental assistant for 25 years, 17 of those years with Dr. Siddall. I can honestly say that I can't imagine doing anything else. I truly look forward to working every day. No two days are alike. There is always something interesting or challenging in the dental field.

Over the last 25 years, many procedures have changed. We have digital x-rays that appear in an instant, no developing involved. We have beautiful, margin free crowns done in one hour, start to finish, no sloppy impressions, no temporary to leave on while the crown is made in a lab. We can send a case over the internet to a lab in California and have the bridge back in 2-3 days. We have "The Wand" one tooth anesthetic. This device can numb on tooth without a poke. It's a thin wand that the doctor places between the gum tissue and the tooth. It slowly releases anesthetic getting only the tooth numb instead of your whole jaw. We have a 3 unit retainer system to straighten teeth. Also, conventional braces are much more affordable today. We can bleach teeth beautifully in the office, even stains that we couldn't bleach successfully in the 80's can now be bleached today.

But even with all of the really cool advances dentistry has made, I think the best part of my job has been meeting so many interesting people.

The difference between dentistry and other medical practices is that we see each other every 6 months. I've gotten to know you and your families. I have received lots of advice over the years. There has been advice on being a mother, raising a puppy, gardening, and so many places I need to travel to.

For these many reasons, I am happy to be your dental assistant.


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