Smile Face Rejuvenation Lake Leelanau, MI

Cosmetic dentistry is as much an art as it is a science. Our holistic dentists know how important healthy beautiful teeth are for self-esteem and want to help you achieve your best smile.

We also offer services for Botox®️, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), and VOLUMA®️ dermal fillers.

Our dentists can help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without invasive surgery.

Full Face Rejuvenation

Tooth Restoration

Our dentists are able to create tooth restorations (like dental crowns and veneers) that look natural. The last thing you want is for your new tooth restoration to not match the rest of your smile. Before bonding the tooth restoration, we’ll make sure it’s the proper size, shape, and color. We are also able to use CEREC to plan and place same day dental crowns in one appointment.


Feeling self-conscious of a gummy smile? We can inject Botox into the lip elevator muscles, which will lower your upper lip so it covers more gum. Botox treatment can also be used to correct any vertical wrinkles above your upper lip.

PRP Treatment

PRP treatment uses the platelets in your own blood to help your complexion look more clear and youthful. Blood platelets are high in growth hormone, which helps improve your skin’s tone, texture, and clarity while increasing cell turnover. Ask us about getting a PRP facial to improve your complexion.

First, we will draw blood from your arm and separate the platelets using a centrifuge. We then use microneedling to force the platelets into your skin. Microneedling has its own benefits because it creates micro injuries in the skin that encourage natural healing and collagen production. When microneedling is combined with PRP treatment, its anti-aging effects are amplified. PRP is also used to improve dark circles below the eyes by increasing blood circulation.


VOLUMA is a dermal filler we can use to restore the fullness of your face. During your appointment with us, we’ll inject the dermal filler just beneath the skin to lift cheeks and add soft curves to your facial profile. VOLUMA can help you look years younger without the cost and recovery time of invasive surgery.

Our Lake Leelanau dentists want to help you achieve your best smile, as well as a youthful-looking face. To learn more about our services for smile and full-face rejuvenation, call (231) 256-9142.