Sedation Dentistry in Lake Leelanau, MI

Relax and Enjoy Your Visit

Nervous dental patient under sedation dentistry care, napping right through the entire appointmentDoes going to the dentist make you feel nervous? Would you prefer to feel like you’re napping right through the entire appointment? Whatever your history is – Dr. Lisa Siddall is here to make sure your experience at our Lake Leelanau office is something you’ll feel great about.

We offer two types of sedation in our holistic dental office near Traverse City:

Laughing Gas
Oral Sedation

Whether you’re having your teeth cleaned or are completing a full mouth makeover – there’s a sedation option for just about everyone! We want you to feel at ease during your visit with us. Ask us which sedation dentistry option is right for you when you visit us for a comprehensive consultation.

Ready to straighten your smile? We are here to help!