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Looking for an effective, non-invasive treatment for snoring, a common symptom of sleep apnea? At Lisa Siddall, DDS, we are pleased to now offer Solea Sleep laser treatment for snoring. This revolutionary treatment is virtually painless and takes about 5 minutes, and lasts for 12-15 months. It's also less time consuming and less expensive than Nightlase and is not which laser surgery, which has been proven to be detrimental to long-term health!

a young woman after a restful night's sleep after Solea laser treatmentWe are proud to offer this new sleep therapy at our holistic dental office in Lake Leelanau, MI, as a great first step in the treatment of snoring! At Lisa Siddall, DDS, we offer top snoring treatments in Lake Leelanau, and beyond, with customized treatment plans that can include sleep laser treatment and custom-crafted mandibular advancement appliance (snore guards). Many of our dental patients report optimal results with just a single Solea laser treatment each year!

How Does Solea Sleep Treatment Work? 

Solea Sleep is a modern, quick, and comfortable dental sleep medicine solution that can take just minutes to complete. The simple, non-invasive Solea Sleep laser treatment is design to provide relief to patients who snore, without discomfort or recovery time needed after treatment! 

The unique wavelength behind the Solea laser allows a quick, gentle tightening of the collagen fibers within the soft palate tissue of the mouth, where most snoring occurs. Tightening the soft palate tissue can help open the airway to sleep and reduce the vibrations that cause patients to snore. 

Patients often experience the following benefits from Solea Sleep:

  • Eliminated or significantly reduced snoring
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Deeper sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Better moods
  • Reduced headaches and sore throats associated with snoring
  • Reduced effects of sleep apnea disorder

The benefits of Solea Sleep are known to last for 12-15 months. When you visit us at Lisa Siddall, DDS for sleep laser treatment, you can feel confident you're receiving results that last!

How Much Does Solea Laser Treatment Cost? 

We offer a selection of treatments for snoring and sleep apnea. Our snoring treatment with Solea Sleep Laser generally cost $750, while snore guards cost $1500. Our team will help you determine the best sleep apnea or snoring treatment for your unique needs! Depending on the state of your condition, your ideal outcome may involve both treatments.

Have questions about financing the treatment you need? Just give us a call to ask our friendly team!

Learn More About Solea Sleep Laser Treatment

We are proud to offer sleep laser treatments to restore our patients' quality of sleep and quality of life! Ready to find out if Solea Sleep Laser treatment could be the solution to your snoring or sleep apnea? Call today to schedule your consultation with our skilled team!

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