Dental Insurance and Financing at Lisa Siddall, DDS

Every treatment plan we create for our patients is designed to be straightforward, easy to understand, and allow you to utilize any insurance benefits that you may carry.

photo of the waiting room at Lisa Siddall, DDSAlthough we do not participate in any insurance networks, we do bill most insurance companies on the behalf of our patients. With that in mind, unfortunately, we cannot bill Medicaid.

Affording Your Dental Treatment

If you’re uninsured, or your treatment is not completely covered by your dental insurance provider, we offer alternative payment options to make it easier to afford your procedure.

If you don’t carry dental insurance, have unexpected oral health care needs, or are looking to get a smile makeover – we offer two types of financing options.


At Lisa Siddall, DDS, we work with third party lender, CareCredit, to make both elective smile improvements and necessary dental treatments affordable for every patient.

Enjoy budget-friendly benefits like:

  • Instant approval for immediate access to funds
  • Coverage of needed or elective treatments
  • Financing that can be allocated solely for use with your dental implants or in conjunction with other treatments

In-House Dental Care Financing

In some situations, our patients need to make fixed monthly payments for their dental care needs. Our in-office financing plan is one of the simplest ways to do that!

Your dental insurance and financing team smiling for the cameraWith our in-house financing plan, you can:

  • Make 3 fixed monthly payments

We understand that when certain types of dental needs arise, or if you’ve chosen elective care,  it can be easier to make monthly payments rather than pay for all of it at once. Don’t let the cost of care stand between you and a healthy smile. Ask us about our in-office financing options during your next treatment consultation.

We’ll work closely with you to help you find the financing option that’s right for your financial needs. We don’t want anyone to go without the care that they deserve.

We also accept most major credit cards, personal checks, money orders and cash payments. If you have questions about financing your dental treatment, call today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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