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Welcome to Lisa Siddall, DDS

Holistic Family Dentist in Lake Leelanau, MI

Since 1998, Lisa Siddall, DDS has been providing holistic dentistry at our Lake Leelanau office near Traverse City, Michigan. With a focus on total body wellness, Dr. Siddall implements holistic dental care techniques and prevention to promote total body health in the lives of her patients.

Why drive from town to town, searching for a holistic dentist, when you can have everything you need right here in Lake Leelanau ? Dr. Siddall offers a wide variety of therapy options, including:

Our family dental office incorporates the latest technology, providing you with minimally invasive, gentle care. Whether you need care for yourself or a member of your family with special needs - Dr. Siddall is here for you each step of the way. We know you’ll love the one-on-one oral health care that we have to offer at our Lake Leelanau holistic dental office near Traverse City!

Real Patients , Real Testimonials

Christina A.

“Dr. Siddall came highly recommended at Mom’s Groups and various internet sites that deal with children with tooth decay. I was hesitant to make the hour drive so I waited and tried another highly recommended dentist in my town. Big Mistake! Now that I know Dr. Siddall I can tell you I would drive 4 hours each way to see her. She is fantastic with kids! She has a very calm manner that is extremely soothing in a dentist. She has cutting edge technology in her office. The office space is calm and inviting.”

Annie D.

“During my years with Doctor Siddall I have been so impressed with her level of professionalism and her attention to detail. She is such a perfectionist and it really shows in her work. I am also really impressed with her team. When she discovered an issue with one of my teeth near the end of the workday, she and her team didn’t skip a beat in staying late to make sure I was taken care of. I really appreciate that level of service.”

Meet Dr. Lisa Siddall

Growing up, Lisa Siddall originally had her mind set on becoming a family physician; but after one of her college classmates encouraged her to look into dentistry, Lisa finally found her true calling. She shadowed several dentists in Martha’s Vineyard and found the combination of science….Read More »