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Wow, it was another beautiful summer here in Leelanau County. I did hear from many of you that, "A little less rain would have been nice." But that was always followed with, "There's no place I'd rather be in the summer!" About The Doctor This spring, Dr. Erik Burke started working with us. He is...

The procedure I feel has really made huge changes in the last twenty-five years is how a crown is made. A crown is a restoration made outside the mouth. You can think of it like a thimble that goes over the prepared tooth to give the tooth strength on all sides. The Old Way... In...

February is National Children's Dental Health month. I thought I would talk about dental decay and how to avoid a cavity. How Do Cavities Form? Hundreds of different types of bacteria live in our mouths, plaque is one of these. Plaque is the sticky film that is constantly forming on our teeth. When we eat...

There are several techniques and methods that allow patients with special needs to experience better oral health care. By offering services like same day dental crowns and mercury free fillings, Dr. Siddall is able to restore smiles without using harmful materials. The treatment can also be completed more quickly - limiting the number of trips...

After extensive research and education on the materials and techniques used in modern dental care, Dr. Siddall decided to take it upon herself to use only the most biocompatible therapies in her Lake Leelanau holistic office. As a parent to a son with Autism, Dr. Siddall understands the importance of holistic health care. Our office...

Do you or a loved one in your family have a special need, such as a medical or behavioral condition? Our Lake Leelanau dentist office is great for all patients - including those with special needs. In fact, it’s special needs that brought Dr. Lisa Siddall to direct her dental practice into the area of...

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