What Makes Our Practice Different

When asked why our dental practice is unique a few ideas come to mind.

First, we remove amalgam fillings safely. We follow IAOMT guidelines. The patient breathes oxygen, so they won't breathe in mercury vapor when the filling is removed. Also, Dr. Siddall and I wear IAOMT masks so we are not exposed to the vapor. Next, we use a rubber dam. This is a piece of non-latex rubber that isolates the tooth or teeth to be worked on from the oral cavity. We use a high volume suction and remove the amalgam filling in pieces to limit the amount of vapor going into the air. We also have a collection system in the basement. Pieces of mercury filling that have been removed are then collected there. The mercury chunks are then properly disposed of never having the chance to contaminate our water supply or land.

Another reason our office is unique is because we practice one appointment dentistry. Often patients like their dental care done in one or two appointments. Maybe they are trying to maximize their time, or they have drive quite a distance to our office. Some patients are uncomfortable having work done and would like as few appointments as possible.

We also have the very latest equipment. Doctor Siddall is always looking for ways we can improve the patient experience. This includes digital X-rays, clear retainer braces, and one-appointment crowns to name a few. I have noticed even with all of the latest equipment, most patients really appreciate an extra pillow.

Another neat thing about our office is employees tend to stay long-term. I think this says a lot about a practice. Pam, Jean, and I have all been with Doctor Siddall over eighteen years.

We appreciate your trust and referrals.

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