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When asked why our dental practice is unique a few ideas come to mind. First, we remove amalgam fillings safely. We follow IAOMT guidelines. The patient breathes oxygen, so they won't breathe in mercury vapor when the filling is removed. Also, Dr. Siddall and I wear IAOMT masks so we are not exposed to the...

Recently, we received a call from a parent. She had taken her nine year old daughter to six different dentists to have a couple cavities filled. Her daughter, Sarah, refused to have the treatment done. Of course, we wanted to help and Sarah’s appointment was made. When Sarah and her Dad came for her first...

Happy New Year! Every New Year, I try to organize and get a fresh start. Cleaning cupboards, sorting, and taking unused items to Goodwill or our local Samaritan’s Closet. Also, when was my last physical, or do I need to schedule an eye exam, and how is my dental health? Recently, it was on the...

This spring I will have been a dental assistant for 25 years, 17 of those years with Dr. Siddall. I can honestly say that I can't imagine doing anything else. I truly look forward to working every day. No two days are alike. There is always something interesting or challenging in the dental field. Over...

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